Stress Management Self-Care Strategies

What is Self-Care? Conscious and continual, love and attention for yourself. The constant  repetition of healthy habits that soothe you emotionally, physically and mentally.  
stress management self care strategies

Physical self-care 

Activities that help you to stay fit and healthy 

  • Develop a regular sleep routine (6 to 9 hours).
  • Aim for a healthy diet (lean protein, fiber, veggies and fruit).
  • Take lunch breaks (make time for relaxation).
  • Go for a walk, bike ride, swim, yoga, etc.
  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Get some aerobic exercise (20 minutes a day!) Increases endorphins and regulates hormones

Psychological self-care 

Activities that help you to feel clear-headed  

  • Engage in leisure activities
  • Turn off your email, news, and social media.
  • Make time for relaxation (mindfulness & meditation).
  • Make time to engage with healthy and supportive friends and family.  

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Emotional self-care 

Allowing yourself to safely experience your full range of emotions. 

  • Develop friendships that are supportive.
  • Accept even uncomfortable emotions
  • Write three good things that you did each day (gratitude).
  • Play a social sport.
  • Go to the movies or do something else you enjoy
  • Talk to you friend about how you are coping with work and life demands. 

Spiritual self-care 

This involves having a sense of perspective beyond the day-to-day of life. 

  • Engage in reflective practices like meditation.
  • Go to a place that is safe and welcoming to practice
  • Write in your journal
  • Volunteer and help the less fortunate. (humans or animals)
  • Reflect with a close friend for support.
  • Access bigger things than yourself.

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