What is the Blue Ocean Life?

Hey there! Thank you for being part of the Blue Ocean Life community. We’re so excited and grateful you’re here!

In case you’re not familiar with us, I started the Blue Ocean Life in 2018 because I wanted to share my way of thinking and living that falls outside the boundaries of our overly complex, tech-addicted, and cutthroat corporate society that had a toxic influence on my mental health. I wanted to create a minimalistic movement to take our minds back from modern influences that have lead us away from a more natural, simpler, healthier, and purposeful way of life.

Today, we’ve grown into a mission-driven brand and community that promotes our physical and emotional well-being by advocating for lifestyle changes that bring us further away from unhealthy modern behaviors and closer to nature, and the ocean, to improve our health. Blue Ocean Life is more than a clothing brand. It's a way of life.

By wearing the Blue Ocean Life Company clothing, you’ll help promote the daily reminder of the healing power of the ocean and advocate for natural ways to improve mental health! And remember, we donate a portion of sales from every purchase to the (ISTO), International Surf Therapy Organization.

Thank you so much for believing in our mission and for being a mental health advocate.


MIke Coughlin

Founder + Owner

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