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We created the Healing Wave® Collection as a way to help promote the ocean's natural healing properties and the positive effects it can have on wellness & mental health.

As both a customer and community member of Blue Ocean Life, I find that the brand serves as a source of much needed inspiration as I deal with the many ups and downs I face as an entrepreneur. I think that the brand’s core mission of advocating for positive mental health is something everyone can support and that’s why I support the brand and the community! I’ve purchased multiple hoodies for myself and others, and the quality is top notch in terms of softness and comfort.

Kristin Marquet

We love The Blue Ocean Life Co.   The products are high quality and inspirational.  So far, we’ve purchased from the Simple collection, Worry Less Collection, Diamond Collection, Sailboat Collection, and Healing Wave Collection.  We’ve love the t shirts, sweatshirts, and hats…and just wearing the Blue Ocean Life brand makes us smile.   We’ve found a company who aligns with our dedication to live happier and healthier lives…guess you could say we’re on the same “wave” 😊🌊

Chrissy Conner & Family