From Tragedy to Triumph - Blue Ocean Life Founder's Story

From dealing with the devastating effects of childhood tragedy to a history of struggling with symptoms of anxiety, Blue Ocean Life Company’s founder Mike Coughlin’s pursuit to live a happier and healthier life has been relentless. Whether in life or in his career, Mike was forced to adapt to difficult circumstances all in pursuit of a better tomorrow for himself and others while keeping the memory of his deceased older brother as his source of inspiration. 

Mike Coughlin Childhood Photograph

       Four-year-old Mike Coughlin (left) with late older brother, Brian. 

Finding Hope In Healing Waves

After quitting his job to form a marketing agency and a bitter business break up, Mike found himself low on funds and begrudgingly moving in with his parents, who had just moved near the serene beaches of Cape Cod. While spending time on Cape Cod, Mike would go to the beach during periods of high stress and anxiety not realizing that getting closer to nature would prove to be the solution to many of his problems. As a child, Mike recalls that his father once told him that saltwater heals everything. As an adult and in an unexpected twist of fate, Mike would learn that that old wives’ tale was, in fact, backed by the science of Blue Mind.

Mike paving a new path at his favorite beach, Chapin Beach, more than 30 years after his brother's tragic death. 

Prioritizing Health Over Wealth

As Mike started to feel the mental health benefits of a holistic wellness-focused lifestyle and a non-corporate way of thinking first hand, Mike was inspired by his struggles and life lessons to form a company whose sole purpose was to promote positive wellness and mental health, especially for those who need it most. In forming the Blue Ocean Life Co. Mike believes that his way of thinking and unique perspective on life - running contrary to many in modern day society - can inspire people to find health, wealth, and happiness and overcome their own struggles no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

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