The Blue Ocean Life Wellness Collective

Small businesses, non profits, content creators, & customers alike can benefit by joining the Blue Ocean Life Wellness Collective all while supporting a good cause.

blue ocean life wellness collective


Harnessing the power of a shared purpose & a tight-knit community, we connect local small businesses, nonprofits, content creators, & customers to create mutually beneficial business & interpersonal relationships. Learn more about how you or your organization can fit into the collective below.


Provide brick-and-mortar locations to sell Blue Ocean Life merchandise, raise money for nonprofits, and drive customers to local Wellness Service Providers. Learn more.


Content Creators

Produce content for blog and social networks to expand reach of the community message while showing their support for the mission and nonprofits. Special offers on Blue Ocean Life merchandise and membership benefits.


Gain awareness from increased size of community and receive donations from all merchandise sold. Learn more.

Wellness Service Providers (WSPs)

Support the community with wellness oriented services while having the opportunity to sell Blue Ocean Life merchandise and support nonprofits. Learn more.