Wellness Collective Benefits for Retailers

Do you run a brick-and-mortar clothing store or another small business with available rack space and want to expand your reach online and offline without any cost?

If so, contact us to learn more about reselling our line of Blue Ocean Life merchandise while simultaneously spreading a positive message and  supporting mental health and wellness nonprofits.

Benefits for Retailers

  • Company placement and description with outbound link in Retailer directory on theblueoceanlife.com
  • Founder bio placement with outbound link on on theblueoceanlife.com People section
  • Cross promotion on BOL social media platforms and its affiliated content creators across Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, & Facebook and in email marketing
  • Opportunity to blog and link back to your website in the Blue Ocean Lifestyle Blog
  • Opportunity for founder/creator interview on Blue Ocean Lifestyle Blog
  • Improvement in organic search traffic levels by interlinking our websites
  • Increased awareness online and offline locally
  • Co-funded ad campaigns
  • Support mental wealth and wellness orientated mission & nonprofits

Learn more about the Blue Ocean Life Wellness Collective.