Wellness Collective Benefits for Wellness Service Providers

Do you run a business in the wellness space and want to expand your reach online and offline without any cost? Do you run any of the following or similar types of businesses?

  • yoga studios
  • saunas
  • gyms
  • flotation therapy spas
  • halotherapy spas
  • massage parlors
  • acupuncture
  • chiropractors
  • stretch facilities
  • physical therapy
  • cryotherapy
  • life coaching
  • dieticians
  • therapists
  • health & wellness technology & apps

If so, contact us to learn more about getting into our pilot program in the Cape Cod area.

Benefits for Wellness Service Providers

  • Printed coupon placement in BOL Wellness Collective package, which is handed out with every purchase at local pop up events
  • Digital offer and/or coupon code sent to BOL customers who make online purchases locally to drive purchases of your company's services
  • Company placement and description with outbound link in Wellness Service Provider directory on theblueoceanlife.com
  • Founder bio placement with outbound link on on theblueoceanlife.com People section
  • Cross promotion on BOL social media platforms and its affiliated content creators across Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, & Facebook and in email marketing
  • Opportunity to sell (and create co-branded) BOL merchandise and share profits
  • Opportunity to blog and link back to your website in the Blue Ocean Lifestyle Blog
  • Opportunity for founder/creator interview on Blue Ocean Lifestyle Blog
  • Improvement in organic search traffic levels by interlinking our websites
  • Increased awareness online and offline locally
  • Co-funded ad campaigns managed by Blue Ocean Life advertising team
  • Support mental wealth and wellness orientated mission & nonprofits