Top 5 Tips to Avoid Burnout [Must Do]

What does burnout mean?


Burnout is defined as the mental, physical, or even emotional exhaustion that results in the seemingly reduced productivity caused by a person’s career or business. It is commonly asked how to avoid burnout and thrive at work, but it may be simpler than we all thought. Overcoming burnout is a task that some people in high-stress jobs fail to accomplish, but thankfully here are some ways on how to prevent burnout in the workplace, in your new entrepreneurial venture or your freelancing career.




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How to avoid burnout tips

What Causes Burnout?

Occupational burnout is the most prevalent form of burnout. The causes of job burnout are plentiful. But it is essential to highlight a few common reasons so that you can put the necessary steps in identifying and addressing them.

  • Work-life imbalance
  • Too monotonous or too chaotic work
  • Lack of social support
  • No control over key decision-making 

How To Prevent Burnout? 

1. Sleep

Sleep is one of the most common burnout prevention and treatment strategies as sleep deprivation results in the body rarely getting any restoration after a long day. Prolonged lack of sleep leads to:

  • increased chances of accidents as your brain does not function at its full potential,
  • impaired judgment
  • heart problems such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and diabetes
  • decreased libido
  • depression
  • poor memory and concentration skills

It is proven that adults need around seven to nine hours of sleep to be able to handle a potentially stressful day or just to be productive in general. Adequate sleep is one of the most powerful methods to combat chronic burnout and stress.

Here are a few tips that you can use to achieve better and more peaceful sleep:

  • During the day, increase your exposure to bright, natural light
  • Do not drink caffeine after 3 pm
  • Aim to keep a consistent sleep schedule
  • Limit blue light exposure by turning off all devices and keep them a distance away from your bed
  • Instead of watching TV to decompress, opt to read a non-electronic book
  • Try out Sensory Deprivation Therapy (Floating Relaxation) 

2. Flotation Therapy

The sensory deprivation therapy technique is quite a unique method for burnout prevention and attaining better and more restful sleep. As a freelancing professional, entrepreneur or employee within your industry, work can get quite hectic, a helpful way of forgetting about clients for a bit is shutting down your senses for some time.

This burnout treatment involves getting into an Epsom salt-filled tank that is skin temperature. While steadying yourself in the liquid, you won’t realize you are floating. As some people call it a brain burnout, the therapy shuts off the brain, which leads it to generate mental images or sounds. This relaxation of the body via sensory deprivation therapy is a useful and interesting method for managing burnout.

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how to avoid burnout

 3. Exercise

Fighting burnout is not really what we should aim for, the goal is to never to have worry about it as a problem. It should naturally become a part of our daily lives for us to implement burnout prevention techniques. Exercise prevents stress on the mind, body and is exceptional for health. Knowing that you are improving your health and gaining energy from this technique will immediately put you in a fit state of mind. The WHO recommends adults getting at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise or 1.5 hours of high-intensity exercises per week.   

4. Learn To Say No

Burnout prevention and treatment can all start by taking a step back when it comes to your workload. Taking on many tasks may get you more money and various other rewards, but your mental health should take precedence. You may hesitate at first, especially when you are in the growth phase of your business. However, at the end of the day, you will be incapable or produce optimal results if you are mentally, emotionally or physically exhausted. 

stress management tips in workplace

5. Spend Time with Positive People


Negative people can figuratively pass on their negativity onto you, which can always make you feel down and depressed. Burnout and depression can walk hand in hand. Luckily, there is a way to address both simultaneously. Burnout treatment comes in all types of forms as associating yourself with people who uplift you can do a great deal of good. The positivity can make you feel happy and willing to take on the day. Your mindset can prevent depression, stress, and burnout as you will more likely want to take on the tasks you have set for yourself.




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Those five tips are just a few ways to prevent burnout. Mental health is very critical, which is why it should always be the first thing to take into consideration.

This is the philosophy that Blue Ocean Life is built upon. We are a community of upbeat and positive individuals who have committed to spreading this positivity with others. We have many tips, articles, and resources that you can use to improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing further. 


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