The Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide for the Socially Conscious Consumer

As a community of wellness warriors and creative doers and thinkers, citizens of Blue Ocean Life Nation are advocates for positive social change as well as supporters of small business owners and entrepreneurs. To do our best to spread holiday cheer and positivity this season, we have compiled the ultimate Black Friday gift guide for those of us who are looking to "shop small" while supporting socially conscious brands and products this holiday and Christmas season.

black Friday gift guide social purpose brands

Whether you are a wellness seeker, digital nomad, aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone looking to spread positivity, here are some products we recommend from our own store as well as items from other brands that align with the Blue Ocean Life mindset and style! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special offers as the holiday shopping season kicks off this Black Friday! 👀 🎄🎅

Worry Less Collection

Physical and mental burnout can lead to a host of health issues. Understanding this, Blue Ocean Life is devoted to bringing awareness to mental health causes, ways to prevent burnout, and tips for achieving the perfect work-life balance. The Worry Less Collection was designed as a reminder for us to meet these health and wellness goals by changing our mindset and worrying less about the little things in the work-life that seem to weigh us down. Make sure to sport these trendy hoodies and t-shirts from the Worry Less Collection, while also taking advantage of our soon to be announced Black Friday deals. 🤙

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Cape Clasp

Since Blue Ocean Life was founded on Cape Cod, we wanted to give some of our friends and local small businesses from "the Cape" some love and appreciation. Cape Clasp is a company with a heart filled with respect and admiration for Cape Cod and marine life. They showcase their love through their variety of bracelet products by paying homage to adorable sea creatures and the ocean while donating a portion of profits to ocean conversation related causes. If you are an ocean lover like us (or know anyone who is), consider taking advantage of Black Friday deals that Cape Clasp has to offer this season.

Cape Clasp is affiliated with Tikos, an eco-conscious bracelet line, dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic waste that is entering our beloved oceans. Tikos carries out this noble feat by reusing plastic garbage and turning it into beautifully crafted jewelry. As fellow beach lovers, Blue Ocean Life is proudly aligning with this social cause. Likewise, we encourage you to help support ocean clean up by purchasing a few items this Black Friday and pairing them with our signature styles!

Healing Wave Collection

      In the same way that the world's oceans need our support and love to survive, we, too, need the love and care of the ocean to help ourselves. Due to the soothing, rhythmic movement of the ocean waves, the healing powers of the ocean will refresh and invigorate your physical and mental well-being. Being ocean lovers and strong supporters of mental wellness ourselves, we encourage all of our fellow health and wellness advocates to spend more time in and by the ocean. This Black Friday showcase your love for the healing power of the ocean by sporting one of our stylish items in the Healing Wave Collection. The perfect Black Friday gift if you are looking for baseball tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts for you and your ocean and beach-loving friends and family.


      Moai Boards

      Paddle boarding is an invigorating yet relaxing way to connect with nature, get some great exercise, and reduce stress. If you or a loved one have a passion for paddle surfing or are looking to dip your toes into the hobby, then purchasing a paddle board through a reputable paddle boarding company is the first step. Moai Boards is committed to this passion and provides a wide range of affordable paddle board equipment and accessories to fit your functional and stylistic needs.

      Furthermore, Moai Boards has partnered with the charity organization, Waves 4 Change. With each purchase, proceeds will go to helping the children of Africa who are affected by violence and conflict by teaching them to surf to help with emotional distress (this is also known as Surf Therapy.)


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      Diamond Collection 

      As we all know, a diamond has four sides, and Blue Ocean Life uses this symbol to represent the four natural elements: earth, wind, water, and fire. Each element occurs in nature, and our Diamond Collection was created to remind us to disconnect from our complex and stressful modern-day society and reconnect with the natural elements to improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Shop our Diamond Collection this Black Friday and help spread our message with your friends and family. Our collection features baseball tees, hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and beach towels.

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      Blue Ocean Life's community lends its support to similarly minded social purpose businesses. If you or someone else you know has a brand that you think we should write about, please send us a note. If you would like to promote your own business and cause on our website, please check out our community page and learn how you can get involved!
      Lastly, be sure to come back to our site this Friday, November 29th, to shop our Black Friday Deals!


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