Digital Nomad Photo Shoot & Travel Tips in Bali, Indonesia

While the small Indonesian island Bali may be known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains, it's quickly becoming a haven for lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the world. With its extremely low cost of living, Bali is the perfect location for these types of people who are often seeking wellness and an escape from the corporate way of life while on a budget. 

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In partnership with our friends at Donny Boy Collectives, we went on an adventure photoshoot with people who are really living out their dreams in pursuit of the Blue Ocean Life, one where wellness and freedom are of the utmost importance.

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uluwatu bali indonesia wellness model photo shoot healing wave
Model Hailey Ori (@haileyori) is shown above overlooking the beautiful ocean in Uluwatu and sporting our Healing Wave Women's Tank Top in vintage royal blue.

Uluwatu is known for its stunning clifftop views and is considered a world-class surfing destination. Aside from a usually laidback vibe, Uluwatu is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world.


uluwatu bali indonesia wellness model photo shoot healing wave hoodie
Nikita Nebesny (@nickita_nebesny) above is embracing the ocean's healing power as he wears our signature Healing Wave Hoodie in indigo blue while sitting on a cliff overlooking the vast blue ocean of Uluwatu. Blue Ocean Life does not advocate for sitting on the edge of cliffs so please be safe!  

pererenan bali indonesia wellness model photo shoot healing wave

Nadezhda Chukhrova (@na_dezhda_chuis truly living the Blue Ocean Life as she practices yoga and meditation atop a cliff overlooking the gorgeous shoreline in Pererenan. She's wearing our signature Healing Wave tank top in vintage royal blue.

Pererenan is known as a very safe and family-friendly location located in southern Bali, just north of Canggu. The area, which has not been overrun by tourist crowds, offers tranquility for many people looking to reverse symptoms of burnout.

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If you're looking to find spiritual healing, visit the Inner Temple Retreat which provides yoga and wellness services to help remedy ailments of the mind and body.

canggu bali indonesia wellness model photo shoot simple womens tank

Hailey Ori (@haileyori) walks amongst the cacti of Canggu embracing the simple life as she wears our Simple tank top style in vintage navy blue. 

Canggu is a resort village on the southern coast of Bali. Once a haven for surfing hippies in the 1970s, Canggu has become a hotspot for hipsters, digital nomads, and partiers alike.

Canggu is known for its sunsets, so enjoy a cocktail as you some amazing sunset views at places like Batu Belong Beach or Finn's Beach Club.

pererenan bali indonesia wellness model photo shoot straight outta office

After some rest, relaxation, and meditation, Nadezhda Chukhrova (@na_dezhda_chu) returns to work with a spectacular outdoor office view overlooking the ocean views of Pererenan. She's sporting our Straight Outta the Office t-shirt as she thinks back to those not-so-fond times she spent working inside an office cubicle. After adopting the #BlueOceanLife way of thinking and living, she's set her mind and body free from the unhealthy corporate way of life.

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