Blue Ocean Life Nation Interview Series: Elaine Rau

Elaine Rau has been featured in 500+ magazines, books, and publications and has spoken on stages all over the world on how to become a successful blogger and influencer

Within 3 years, has amassed an audience of 250,000+ followers across all social media platforms. 

After just one year of blogging, Elaine was interviewed by the Huffington Post on her success and people started emailing her their questions which she answered in her signature courses:


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1. What is your backstory? What do you do for a living? 

I am a full-time blogger and influencer. How it all happened was, my boss refused to let me visit my boyfriend in Honduras after his brother was murdered because he said it would "affect sales" if I were to leave for a week, so I quit, moved to Honduras, and started my blog!

2. How did you start your remote work journey? 

I started monetizing my blog a few weeks after I started it. I didn't realize at the time, but that is quite an uncommon experience, and now I teach what I do so other people can learn how to monetize their blogs too.

3. What have you learned working from home? 

You need to set up systems that work for you. You get to know yourself on a whole other level like do you need a separate room to be your "office space" or can you work from your room and still be productive? You also have to be disciplined with how you spend your time. In order to be balanced, you need to prioritize your business EQUAL to your self-care and everything else going on in your life. 

4. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every part of the economy and our daily lives. What challenges have you encountered both personally and professionally? How have you weathered these challenges?

I definitely hit burnout a few months after the pandemic hit. Because everything went online, that meant my business and traffic to my website skyrocketed and monetarily everything was better than ever, but mentally I was worse than ever because I didn't have any time to breathe and relax so I just crashed. However, that helped me take the much-needed break I should have taken before which gave me the time to refocus and regroup.

5. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased sense of fear, depression, and isolation. How have you been able to get through pandemic-related anxiety and stress issues?

The built-in community that you have in an office setting is completely taken out of the equation when you work from home, so you need to work hard to build your own community. For me, I make sure I always have weekend plans so I have something to look forward to whether that is going on a long bike ride, or hiking, I always have something in the books. 

6. What are your best mental health tips?

Get a mentor or mentors to keep you balanced. I would recommend getting a mentor for all the sections of your life that you deem important. For example, I have a career, spiritual, and life mentor. To stay balanced mentally, you need input from other people who you trust and admire in your life.

7. Before the pandemic hit, you may have worked in an office or corporate setting, but what do you foresee happening now? How do you see companies allowing employees to work? 

I worked from home several years before the pandemic hit and have managed a remote team successfully, so it's totally doable. The right systems just have to be put in place and with the amount of technology out there and team systems already built for you like Asana and Trello, there should be no reason you can't operate remotely unless you have specific machines you need to operate. 

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8. Do you believe that remote work is the future? 

100% yes! With everything slowly going online, it's been the path of the future for a while now, COVID just happened to speed it up a little.

9. How do you think COVID will shape the future of business? 

Businesses that don't have an online presence will fade out because if you can't be found online, you're limiting your potential client base and without clients, you can't sustain. 

10. How can readers get in touch with you?









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