Blue Ocean Life Nation Interview Series: Kristen McIntyre

Based in central New Jersey, Kristen McIntyre is a yoga instructor and publicist with more than a decade of relevant experience. She is passionate about everything related to wellness and fitness. 
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Thank you for sharing your story with us. What is your professional background?

My professional background includes a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising, experience in retail, hospitality industry-based event planning/hosting, and public relations. In the fall of 2012, I began my yoga journey, learning spiritual practices such as asana (poses), meditation, reiki, etc. I got my certification to start teaching yoga in 2016 knowing I had a true passion to help others feel good and cope with anxiety, other stress-related issues as well as body insecurities. I am also a certified personal trainer. Additionally, I work as a publicist part-time with Marquet Media. 

How did you end up with this career?
I intuitively knew I was going to help people live happier, healthier lives.
I was managing a yoga studio as well as doing PR for wellness and beauty-based clients. The more I practiced yoga, the more I wanted to share. To make the type of difference I wanted to make, I needed to make yoga my main focus.

How did you begin your remote work journey?
The same day the shutdown was announced I was thrown right into it, teaching on zoom for a studio I taught at the time. Then I went home and decided I was going to do it on my own so I offered my zoom classes for one week free to get all my students acquainted with this new way of having our classes. 
I started advertising, promoting, and thus charging for my Zoom classes. I am grateful I was able to create and maintain a network of like-minded yogis who looked forward to seeing each other and taking the class as "together" as they could at the time. I also taught outside which I continue to do now, weather permitting of course.

Where do you see yourself in the next year? What tips do you have for others who are working remotely?
By next year, I hope to have acquired a larger network of communities. My goal is to work with companies of all sizes and give employees the opportunity to practice breathing exercises, yoga, and guided meditation. I'm also going to roll out my first yoga retreat which got sidetracked due to the pandemic.

What is your self-care routine and how do you find time to integrate it into your daily life?
I believe our habits shape our lives but it's healthy for us to change them up and do what makes us feel good.

I wake up as early as needed ( usually 6 or 6:30 am), eat a healthy, fulfilling breakfast, and have coffee. I do my yoga practices and strength training routines before I see any clients or teach classes. I meditate for 20 minutes (a minimum) at least five times a week and I also give myself Reiki.
These spiritual practices are my livelihood. I believe strongly in practicing what I preach. I'm constantly learning and keeping things fresh.

Putting yourself first is important to your overall wellness. Given this, what are your best holistic wellness tips? 

1) It's okay to experiment with holistic wellness gradually and take time to see whether it's for you. No need to go all-in at once. Take your time and do lots of research.
2) I recommend seeking out a professional who works with the holistic types of things you are looking to implement into your lifestyle and get their advice. If you have a medical condition, definitely keep your doctor/medical professional in the loop and discuss the pros and cons of switching to holistic wellness in whichever capacity you are considering.
3) Develop your intuition so you can determine whether your new routines are helping you or if they are deterring you from your ultimate wellness goals. Discernment is key.

What was the toughest challenge you faced during your career?

When I first began teaching, I was still going out a lot and making unhealthy choices. I realized those actions are incongruent and ultimately were holding me back. I had to reassess and move forward even if that meant losing touch with people and places I used to see on the regular.
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How did you get through that period? What advice for people dealing with similar difficulties?
Find a mentor if it's possible. Someone who can take you under their wing without any jealousy or competitiveness (easier said than done). 

I frequently sought advice from my yoga mentor at the time. She never judged me and often just let me vent. I learned that I needed to stay as healthy as possible in order to hold space for people. You can't be as clear about reading the energy of a room full of students and your clients if you aren't on your A-game.

Mental health and feeling good are crucial to maximizing performance. How do you prioritize your mental health?
I stay grounded in my Root Chakra. I practice a lot of grounding yoga poses and specific meditations to keep myself feeling positive and uplifted. I clear my Aura (an energetic field that surrounds the physical body). I love teaching these practices to others! Meditation and breathwork are crucial tools I use daily to keep myself in a good, positive place. Daily gratitude is also a life-changing tool.

Before the pandemic hit, you may have worked in an office or corporate setting, but what do you foresee happening now? How do you see companies allowing employees to work post-pandemic?
I think hybrid will be the future of office culture but it also depends on the type of company and what they need to accomplish. Work-life balance keeps employees from burnout. I have a lot of students who are happier working from home because they can come to take Yoga on their lunch and return to their desks a whole new person.

If you could have lunch with one person in the world, who would it be and why?
I would love to sit down with Britney Spears. I've been a fan since she 1999 and after all she has been through, especially after all she recently revealed, I feel like it would be most interesting to have lunch and a conversation with her. I know she loves Yoga and I think it would be so great to hear about her yoga experience and maybe get to guide her through a yoga practice.
If you could inspire a movement, what would it be and why?
That is a tough question because so much of what I do is to help people to stay open-minded and open-hearted; more accepting of others. I often remind my students that everyone worldwide is going through a hard time right now whether they want to admit it or not. Spreading more kindness and acceptance even when it's hard to do would be my movement.

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