The Best Men’s And Women’s Fashion Trends in 2022

Fashion is not only a way to express yourself, but it can also give you a certain amount of comfort. While no one knows what’s to come in 2022 (and the last two years were quite a ride), fashion trends are set way in advance. If things don’t go your way, at least you’ll look good.

best fashion trends for women and men

So, start thinking ahead and check out our guide of the best summer clothes for women and casual outfits for men.

Fashion Trends for Women (Summer Clothes and Casual Outfits)

This summer you can expect airy wear that keeps you cool and makes you look fashionable at the same time. Here are our favorite trends to help you start this season right:

  1. Mini skirts

Miniskirts never really go out of fashion as they allow you to add a hint of femininity to your look and will probably be making it to every top list of summer clothes for women. This year, we’re anticipating another nod towards the ‘90s fashion: denim skirts as seen last autumn and winter. While denim miniskirts can be uncomfortable and might not match everyone’s physique, they’re generally flattering and make your waist seem smaller, which can come in handy if you’re still trying to lose extra kilos gained over Christmas. For those women who don’t enjoy this textile as much as we do, the great news is that velvet skirts are returning as well and they’re one of the comfiest options. There’s no better way to boost your confidence than to wear a mini skirt and show off your legs – plus, think of all the tan you can get.

  1. Oversized shirts
women's blueprint crop hoodie in black

While watching catwalks will give you an idea of what you can anticipate getting popular the next season, don’t forget that celebrities play an important role in settings trends too. This year, you can expect summer clothes for women to derive inspiration from one of the biggest fashion icons, Gigi Hadid, who was previously seen wearing oversized shirts combined with jeans and flowy trousers. If you’re a fan of a more feminine look, you can pair the shirt up with a long or mini skirt and still pull this look off. Our Blueprint Embroidered Crop Hoodie is the perfect example of oversized that complements any shape and size.

  1. Bra tops

The best thing about this fashion trend is that it doesn’t require you to radically change your wardrobe as chances are, you already own a few bra tops. If you think they go with sportswear best, you might be surprised. This year’s trends add a little twist to this look and combine it with formal outfits. The style was popularized in 2019 when a model Emily Ratajkowski wore a bra with an oversized suit and is currently still going strong. While you should give this trend a go, showing up to work wearing revealing upper wear might not be a good idea and it might be best to leave it for another occasion. And if you insist on being consistent and expressing yourself with the same style in both your personal and professional life, there are many other summer clothes for women that might catch your eye. So, onto the next trend.

  1. Bright colors

Forget classy black; bright colors are this and last season’s hottest trend that will refresh your wardrobe just in time for summer. If you look at summer clothes for women that are trending now, you’ll realize that most of them come in vibrant colors - whether it’s a purse or a dress - that will make you stand out on a special occasion. The most popular shade seems to be green with plenty of designers using it to add a spark to familiar trends. If green isn’t your color, don’t worry; lime seems to be as popular, with satin dresses making an appearance on catwalks.

sailboat embroidered unisex short-sleeve t-shirt in red

If your fashion journey happens to have started from watching Gossip Girl, this will make you very happy as it’s quite a reference to the dress Serena wore at a fashion show. Spring and summer are the best times to experiment so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and add some colors to your life – quite literally because wearing bright colors might put you in a good mood and make you more optimistic. Add a pop to your winter wardrobe with our Sailboat Embroidered Unisex Short Sleeve T-short.

  1. The ‘80s-inspired swimwear

The next on the list of summer clothes for women is swimwear, another blast from the past and an ode to simplicity as high-waisted one-pieces and simple two-pieces are making a comeback. The trend probably started after a designer, Virginie Viard, presented her collection at Chanel‘s spring/summer show last year and now continues onto the current year. A one-piece swimsuit loosely inspired by ‘80s fashion was recently seen in an episode of a popular TV show, ‘Euphoria’ so chances are the trend is here to stay for a lot longer. Opt for welcoming summer with increased confidence; choose the shape that emphasizes your curves the most and a bright color that draws attention.

      6. Sheer fabrics

When the heatwave hits in a few months, you might want to show your skin but not necessarily expose it to the harmful UV effects. While sunscreen is always your best friend, the sheer fabric can serve as extra protection without causing you to overheat in the process.  A bit playful, a bit mysterious, sheer clothes are the biggest must-haves this season. You can pair a sheer top with everything – from high waisted shorts to a pleated skirt – and opt for more layers for a less provocative look; whatever works best for you. This year’s summer clothes for women are all about self-expression and upgrading the style that defines you best. And if you want to be more covered on the beach, a sheer dress will do the job.

      7. Bodycon dresses

Arguably the sexiest trend to come, bodycon dresses can be both considered casual and more formal wear. While they might seem impractical during summer (because who likes when their thighs stick to each other?), this drawback can be overcome with an airy fabric. Mesh is comfortable to wear and allows your skin to breathe, which is the perfect option for warmer months. Just keep in mind it can be a bit see-through so you might have to wear another layer under it, depending on the style you’re going for.  

Fashion Trends for Men (Casual Outfits)

While a lot of people associate men’s casual wear with tracksuits or joggings, there are plenty of other ways to express yourself with more fashionable outfits. See the list below for inspiration:

  1. Padded shoulders

 This trend is arguably the best to come this year as it’s both a confidence boost and easy to DIY so you can just upgrade what you already have in your wardrobe. Super structured shoulders can make your shoulders look wider and give you a more manly shape, which isn’t for everyone, but helps you fit into current beauty standards. As seen in the recent Prada’ collection, this trend works best with leather jackets and suits but also more casual outfits for men such as sweaters or oversized shirts as it’s super versatile. If you’re hoping for a classy transformation this year, this trick should be just what you need to make it happen.

  1. Sleeve-free

For hot days to come, it’s best to go for something comfortable and airy, just like the highlight of casual outfits for men, sleeve-free design that prevents sweat marks and makes you look as fashionable as it gets this upcoming spring/summer season. If you aren’t convinced it’s your thing, let us tell you that this trend isn’t new, and it’s been circling back for a while. Sleeveless waistcoats could be previously seen at Giorgio Armani’s showcases and sleeveless blazers made an appearance at Burberry, which should be a big enough reason to give them a chance. Plus, the design is very flattering if you think about it – while it could be said that a woman’s best asset is legs in the summer, a man’s might be biceps.

  1. Above knee shorts

Here comes the highlight of casual outfits for men: shorts. They are nothing new and perhaps shouldn’t be called a trend at all but they did make an appearance in a few recent designers’ collections and are currently a part of Giorgio Armani’s line. However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy an item from one of the popular brands to be trendy this summer season and you can go for much cheaper options. As long as you feel comfortable, that’s all that matters.

  1. Oversized shirts
sailboat embroidered unisex hoodie in navy blue

This year’s trends are all about comfort. An oversized shirt is a great way to try but appear like you’re doing the exact opposite. You know that effortless ‘I’ve just woken up’ look? This is what you should be going for this spring and summer. While oversized shirts do look classy, they’re a great example of casual outfits for men that are breezy and comfortable enough to be worn for various occasions, whether it’s a date, a family meeting or hanging out with friends. You can pair them up with above knee shorts and you will have successfully refreshed your style just in time for the warm days to come. Look up Dior’s, Erdem’s or Dries van Noten’s collections if you need more inspiration. But the general rule is: as long as it’s loose and airy, it works. Our Sailboat Embroidered Unisex Hoodie is oversized and comfortable, suitable for any time of the year.

  1. Cut out tops

The times when clothes had a gender are over and cut-put tops are the best way to celebrate that. While you’ve probably been conditioned to detest ‘feminine’ clothing, it’s never too late for a little rebellion, especially if it looks as amazing as this latest trend – take our word on that or search for evidence in the fashion world. For example, a top designed by Courregés is low cut and comes with a hole in the middle that draws attention to your stomach, while a creation by Y-Project opted for a turtleneck with an opening above the chest. If you’re looking for casual outfits for men that are both unique and made for the spring/summer season, cut-out tops are the way to go. You can also go for a top in a bright color because, yes, it’s another trend that’s returning this season.

  1. Slip on sandals

Perhaps it’s the effect of the pandemic that got us used to wearing comfortable clothes at home or simply a natural order of things, but sandals are another noteworthy trend that should join your wardrobe. They are not only easy to wear, which works great if you’re running late or don’t like spending too much time dressing up but can also look cool if you know where to look. For example, Dolce & Gabbana promoted sandals with gems and Fendi popularized sheepskin cover. You won’t find a better addition to your casual outfits for men collection this season.

  1. Leather boots

Not even temperature rise can put an end to this trend because let’s face it, boots can make any outfit appear fashionable and give you a hint of mystery. If there’s a character who is a typical bad boy in a TV show, chances are he’s wearing boots. If you’re a fan of these leather shoes as much as we are, this spring/summer season you should go for the ankle-length style which is the airiest option you can go for when days get warmer. And for the time when the days are cool, remember to pair it up with a leather jacket.

8. Red color

While you might wonder why eclectic colors are getting more and more popular, the answer is simple. This little twist allows your style to become bolder than usual and 2022’s fashion is determined to help you become the most self-confident version of yourself. Whether you favor more casual outfits for men or formal wear, red color can make you stand out. You can spice your wardrobe up by getting a red accessory (such as a belt) or totally changing your vibe by going for hot red jacket or trousers.

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