My Favorite Ocean Quotes For Personal Reflection

For me the ocean is central to my purpose: it’s where I live, eat and breathe every day. In April 2021 I quit my job as a nurse in favor of setting sail onboard our boat Phoenix, heading to sea for a life of adventure. Paired with the wind, the ocean is the driving force in all of our travels - together they dictate the time we leave the harbour, the direction we travel in and the speed in which we move on. We want to explore the world as slowly as possible, absorbing the power of nature as we move. 

ocean quotes for personal reflection

In this post I discuss my favorite inspirational ocean quotes that I have used for personal reflection including the benefits of being immersed in nature, how pushing yourself outside your comfort zones can benefit your mental wellbeing and the power of living alongside the ocean.

“Go Wild, For A While”

Science has proven that those who spent time in nature are more likely to benefit from positive health outcomes including both physical and psychological well-being. Surrounding yourself in nature is a powerful antidote to stress, it can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress hormones, reduce nervous system stimulation, enhance immune function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety and improve mood.

ocean quote go wild for awhile

For me living life on the water allows you to experience life through a different lens, an almost raw filter as you experience every part - the good, the bad and the ugly. By living life in this wild way you are able to capture snippets which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. For instance, being lucky enough to spot dolphins swimming off the bow, noticing the seasonal changes in the marine wildlife and harnessing the power of the sun as you transdermally absorb light and produce vitamin D. 

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“The Sea Is the Most Merciless Of Opponents. If You Can Master Your Trade Here You Can Do It Anywhere”

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone creates a boost which can open up your mental focus, creativity and passion. It allows you to transition, grow and transform. Moving beyond the familiar and experiencing new experiences often means short term discomfort for long term gain

ocean quote sea merciless opponents master your trade

Mastering your trade in the ocean, means pushing yourself to learn not only a skill but about yourself in the harshest of conditions some of which can be dangerous. By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself in this way, you will find and develop a huge amount of self-belief and confidence that could then help you to unlock your full potential.

“A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor”

The truth is that easy, comfortable situations are not likely to improve or make you better. Although we often don’t realize it in the moment, times of trouble are when we experience our biggest growth. Cold water swimming in the ocean is another example of this as it can help to boost your immune system, improve your circulation, increase libido, reduce stress all whilst giving you a natural high. Taking a dip in the ocean and exposing yourself to the cold water can help to build your stress tolerance and improve your body's acute stress response.

inspirational ocean quote smooth sea never made skilled sailor

In order for me to develop my sailing skills it is important for me to experience all conditions as I learn and develop ways in which to harness the power of the wind and ocean. At times, these situations can feel uncomfortable and sea sickness is unavoidable however I always remind myself that by going through these difficult times I am gaining strength, knowledge and experience. Don’t get me wrong, a smooth sea always provides beauty however it doesn’t make me a better, stronger sailor. 

“Live Free Like The Ocean”

inspirational ocean quote live free like ocean

Living alongside the ocean allows you to live with a sense of freedom and oneness with nature, breathing fresh ocean air which will help you sleep better, increase your white blood cell count and therefore boost your immune response and allow you experience greater happiness as you relax and enjoy the horizon. 

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For me, living life on the water means living slowly and in harmony with your surroundings. It allows me to pause to open my eyes and appreciate the world around me. From waking up in an anchorage full of twittering birdsong to watching the sunset glisten across the river as the boats dance on their moorings. Life in tune with the ocean is magical and the best thing is, it’s available to us all.

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Lauren Williams is a sailor, nurse, and writer enjoying a simple life onboard a sail boat. She’s passionate about health, wellness and the ocean.  She will be documenting every step of her journey on her Instagram page as she explores and looks to harness the healing power of the ocean.

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