Entrepreneurs: How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

Being an entrepreneur takes focus, grit, and discipline but without those practices, it's easy for your mental health to take a dive while working from home.
As an entrepreneur who has run three profitable businesses, here's how I stay focused to get all of my work completed without losing my mind and getting burnt out—all while working from home.
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But first, here’s a bit of context: we've turned FemFounder.co into a fully integrated one-stop-shop for everything related to PR and digital marketing. We also started offering three different PR programs designed for lifestyle brands looking to turn their small businesses into power brands. Additionally, we're turning our once-daily fashion and lifestyle email newsletter (E-Nixi.com) into a digital magazine. In 2019, we hit email 11,000 subscribers (mostly through word-of-mouth). This year, our goal is to hit 25,000 subscribers. 

Now, you're probably thinking, "Kristin, how the heck can you get all of the work done on time and without spending a fortune on hiring help?" Well, here's a look into how I get everything done on my schedule while working from home without getting burnt out.

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I wake up at 7 AM, get dressed, and make breakfast for my family. Then I look at my inbox to see what came in through the evening and overnight, respond to all important emails while I eat breakfast, and then scan my to-do list and do everything that's a priority, even if it's going to take an hour or two. I like to tackle all of the big items on my plate for the day in the morning because that's when I'm most alert and productive. I recommend you find the windows you're most alert to complete the most important tasks on your to-do list.

Around noon, I will make lunch, which is always roast turkey on rye bread with mustard and Chobani Vanilla yogurt to fuel me through the afternoon. While I eat lunch, I scan headlines to see what's happening in the world, and how I can tie a client's pitch to something that's trending in the news. From 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM, I will pitch the media for my clients. Then around 3 PM, if I begin to feel tired and lethargic, I will make it a point to go for an hour run. Although I live in New York and the weather can get really nasty during the winter, I will run because it's my time to decompress.

When I get back from my run, I take a quick shower, get dressed, and get back to work, which is usually around 4:15 PM. Around 5 PM, I will check my inbox again to make sure all emails have been answered. I don't like surprises. If I don't have any pressing emails in the afternoon, then I will work on my next day's projects. I wrap my day up at 6:00 PM because that's when my husband wraps up his workday. We usually eat dinner around 7:30 PM and veg out on the couch for a few hours until 10 PM, which is my bedtime. I need seven to eight hours of sleep per night to function.


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If you're struggling to get everything on that to-do list without getting burnt out while working from home, then consider following these tips:

  • Create a system to get your work done. Figure out how much time it takes to complete your most important projects/tasks and schedule each one like you would schedule a doctor's appointment. 
  • Figure out how you're spending your time. Keep a log. Do you go on Facebook or Instagram and scroll for an hour without getting anything done? Take note of it. This will help you understand just how much time you’re really wasting. 
  • Develop a weekly plan and follow it. Planning a month in advance is really overwhelming for me, so I plan my schedule in small chunks. I like to do a week at a time. 
  • Don't overload yourself with tasks you can't get done. I worked with a client who set these unrealistic goals and she ended up disappointed every time she wasn't able to achieve them. I always told her to take one task at a time, do it well, and move onto the next--but she never listened. 
  • Delegate small administrative tasks that take up your time but don't produce revenue (if you have the resources). 
  • Try batching your most time-consuming work.


With more than 13 years of digital marketing and branding experience, Kristin Marquet is the CEO of the PR consultancy Marquet Media, and Editor-in-Chief of the women’s business magazine, FemFounder.co. She is releasing her third book: “From Nameless to Notable: How to Gain Influence, Establish Authority, and Reach Expert Status in Your Niche or Industry--The Ultimate Guide to Generating Media Coverage for Your Startup and Leveraging It to Increase Website Traffic, Email Subscribers” in June 2020 and opening up her signature PR masterclass this summer.  

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