Top Fall and Winter 2022 Fashion Trends

Even though the temperatures might soon plummet below zero and we spend half of our days in darkness, there’s no reason to give up on being fashionable, especially when fashion is going back to normal after the pandemic. Just because no one else can see your outfit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this chance to express yourself. 

top fall winter fashion trends

As a brilliant fashion designer, Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” What’s a better time to live by this rule than before the start of the new year? Don’t wait to make it your new year’s resolution and transform your style today. 

This year’s fall and winter fashion trend themes are throwbacks. While fashion might seem to be all about uniqueness, it’s also about upgrading ideas that already work. Check out the latest trends for men and women for inspiration. 

Women’s fashion trends for fall and winter 

Women’s fashion trends come and go but some pieces of clothing eventually find their way back onto the spotlight. This fall and winter you can expect a revival of old trends with a modern take. Here are the top choices for this season: 

  1. Winter Fashion: Crop tops 

Fashion might have changed drastically since the ‘90s but crop tops are making a comeback and are here to stay. While a few years back the market was flooded with winter jackets meant to show off a belly button piercing, today it’s unzipped oversized jackets to show what’s underneath – crop tops. If you don’t want to brave the cold, no need to worry. The popularity of crop tops comes from how versatile they are. You can wear them at a gym or at a party – this simple but trendy look works well regardless of the occasion. And depending on how you want to express yourself, you can either go for toned-down colors with a casual vibe or enjoy a bolder design (think flower designs or puff sleeves). No matter what style you go for, you can’t go wrong with crop tops. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Cropped hoodies

Since crop tops gained so much momentum it was only natural for cropped hoodies to follow. A definite upgrade from their sister design cropped hoodies can complete any casual or sport look even when the temperatures drop. As society’s fascination with a healthy lifestyle continues, cropped hoodies are now more than just a trend. They’re essentials for every fitness enthusiast as they can make you look fashionable even if you’re all sweaty in the middle of an exercise. They work perfect for dancers and influencers – take notes from TikTok’s fashionistas who have at least one cropped hoodie in their wardrobe. Are they impractical? Perhaps. But as you know, in the fashion world, different rules apply. Choose from minimalistic or bold designs and rock this look on the way to the gym (or anywhere else really). 

  1. Winter Fashion: Joggers

Joggers are an unexpected hit that began during quarantine and continues to trend this fall and beyond. You might not be forced to stay at home anymore, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on what made that period bearable. Even though this look might be far from the classy garments seen on catwalks, it’s easy to see the appeal. Joggers are a house wear more than anything and what’s a better way to pamper yourself during these cold months than to stay comfortable? It doesn’t mean you have to ditch your daily style completely either. Joggers come in many shapes and designs suitable for any occasion, even fancy dinner. They work as well with a pair of your favorite heels (a combination often seen in the influencers’ world) as with trainers. You won’t know until you try – test both variations and see what works best. 

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  1. Winter Fashion: Pleated skirts

Fall doesn’t mean you have to fall out of love with pleated skirts. Not yet, at least, and not when they’re trending. Pleated skirts are one of the classiest designs this season and if you’re hoping for a Princess Diana-inspired look, you won’t be disappointed. You can find both traditional pleated skirts that are ankle-length or opt for skirts with fun patterns in the most popular colors this season which are olive and green. Similarly, if you want something more closely related to school uniforms, some of the designs start above the knee giving them a modern twist; a hint of innocence and boldness in one. Checked pleated skirts look super cute and can give you a confidence boost, just if you don’t mind showing your legs off. You can pair them up with an oversized jacket and boots or with a suit jacket and heels – just like other trends on the list, pleated skirts are versatile enough to complete your usual look. Enter this winter looking feminine and more fashionable than ever. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Puffer jackets

The winter is coming and what’s a better way to prepare than to find a garment that keeps you super warm? Yes, comfort isn’t a concept completely foreign to fashion and puffer jackets can provide that and a lot more. Unlike the trend from 2018, you don’t necessarily have to go for an oversized design that makes you look like you’re drowning in it. This year, puffer jackets are more versatile than ever; you can opt for a medium length to go with jeans or a cropped jacket to pair it up with a skirt. If you’re into fashion but struggle to piece the whole outfit together, puffer jackets are a great solution that can make you look fashionable without putting too much thought into it. And if you still prefer the old design, you can always make sure that what you have underneath draws inspiration from other trends from this list – it’s the element of surprise that matters, isn’t it? Make sure to get one before the temperatures go down below zero. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Denim

Nostalgia hits hard with this one. Remember Britney Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s most iconic denim carpet look in history? Quite surprisingly, the denim design is back and thriving; even if you’re anything but in love with denim, you can choose from a variety of styles. Denim jackets are as trendy as ever, except this time they come with exciting new designs. For example, you can go for the one with geometric shapes or look for a jacket made of fabrics that come in different shades. If this upgrade doesn’t appeal to you, you can always settle for the classic – even a plain denim jacket is what grabs attention this season. For those who prefer something more feminine, time to enjoy a refreshed denim dresses design. You can keep yourself as warm as it gets with an ankle-length dress or subtract years from your style with a fun mini dress with puff sleeves design. Let yourself fall in love with denim all over again. 

Men’s Winter Fashion:

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s fashion often takes a back seat, or so it seems. But even though men’s clothing might appear to be less versatile than women’s collections, this fall and winter it follows a similar schema – oldies but goldies. Have a look at the best trends that can bring your style up a notch this season. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Joggers

If you’ve ever paid attention to how men dress in the street, you might be wondering: who thought joggers were a good idea? Isn’t men’s fashion in crisis already? But even though joggers were originally designed to be athleisure wear, today they come in many different forms that do your style better than a classic pair of jeans. To keep it sophisticated yet casual, go for smart joggers that are made of cotton and hug your figure enough to make you look good without being uncomfortable. Of course, the sport version of joggers is still in fashion and if that’s what appeals to you the most, no judgement here. Style it with an oversized coat and a pair of trainers for an everyday look. 

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  1. Winter Fashion; Leather jackets

Ah, leather jackets, the most iconic men’s wear of all times. Often associated with bikers and musicians, leather jackets are like the holy grail of masculine fashion designs. Perhaps including them on this list is wrong because they’ve never been a faux pas in the fashion world. But nowadays there’s more to the style than the biker design. This fall and winter you can witness a surge in long leather jackets – a nod towards The Matrix’s Neo that will make you look classy with a hint of edginess and mystery. Expect to leave a shop with a much lighter wallet but for a good reason. Fashion often requires sacrifices, but it can be a long-term investment – make sure you go for high-quality leather. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Beanies

No outfit would be complete without the right accessory. Yes, I’m talking about beanies. Beanies went through a real craze phase; you could see them on the runaway all the way through 2019 to 2020. Today, the Internet is full of guides such as ‘How to wear a beanie without ruining your hair’ or ‘How to wear a beanie without looking like an idiot’. But contrary to what the Internet thinks, the great thing about this trend is that it goes with everything, and you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place. Simply combine a beanie with a suit to add a casual vibe or wear it with your favorited pair of joggers. And don’t worry if you’re one of the people who think they don’t look good in hats. Beanies come in so many shapes that you can expect to find at least two models that can refresh your wardrobe. Choose from the classic, fisherman or baggy design and upgrade your style this winter. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Varsity jackets

Have you ever wished you were a jock just to be able to wear the varsity jackets? I mean, who hasn’t? Varsity jackets make anyone look amazing, even if your sense of style is close to zero. Plus, pop culture made sure that this design will never go out of fashion (think all the American teen shows or even the legendary Breakfast Club). The good news is, now you can enjoy this style without feeling like an impostor. This fall the jackets are coming back with a bang. The trend seems to be everywhere; from sport classic and bright colors to leather designs that are more practical than ever. Planning to dine out with friends? Go for a varsity jacket. A date night? You can never go wrong with a varsity jacket. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Polo shirts

If you look at polo shirts the way we know them now, they seem to have nothing to do with sports. But before they became a trendy fashion item, they gained popularity in the tennis world first. Back then, they were associated with a comfortable, casual and a bit stuck-up look, but today they seem to go with anything. You can easily slip them under a suit or combine them with a pair of jeans to achieve that classy look. Plus, the designs are now more exciting than ever. Bright colors? Check. Stripes? Check. Avant-garde shapes? Check, check, check. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If a polo shirt and joggers are what works for you, be it. 

  1. Winter Fashion: Fleece jackets

If you wish you were tucked under your covers every time you step outside, you certainly aren’t alone. Luckily, fashion trends this season are designed to keep you warm and get you through the coldest nights. The definition of cozy, fleece jackets are here to make these winter months as pleasant as possible. And they’re anything but dull. You can find them in every color imaginable, although toned down colors seem to be the most popular now. For the best effect, combine them with a warm pair of trousers and boots. Just remember not to go for the same texture. You don’t want to end up looking like a sheep.  

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